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Hi, I am Dr. Erika Galindo, general surgeon and board certified in both Plastic surgery and Stem cell therapy.

Welcome to beautiful Guadalajara Mexico and the Hope Biologix Regenerative Medicine Institute. 

Our team of physicians at Hope Biologix have one mission.

Our mission is to bring Hope to patients arriving here from all over the world, suffering from acute and chronic degenerative health problems.

You are invited to visit the Hope Biologix website and explore the many conditions that may be helped through stem cell therapy.

At Hope Biologix we believe the tremendous benefits of Stem cell therapy should be available, effective and affordable to men and women everywhere.

Unfortunately Stem cell therapy is not yet available or in sufficient quantities, to be realistically effective.

Our clinic uses stem cells exclusively from COFEPRIS approved laboratories.  Our allogeneic stem cells are derived from Wharton’s jelly.

These donated cells are from discarded umbilical cord tissue from live births.

Donated cells are then thoroughly screened, laboratory tested and certified to be free from all pathogens.

Once screened and accepted, the cells are expanded to sufficient quantities necessary to be effective for conditions we treat.

Unfortunately, the laws in some countries prohibit the expansion of stem cells.

Without the ability to expand cells to a therapeutic volume, effectiveness is limited.

For example, some orthopedic conditions can be treated with only a few million mesenchymal stem cells.

Our patients with more serious conditions usually require 100, 200 and 300 million stem cells.

Without the ability to legally expand the cells from 3 million to 300 million, the cost is prohibitive.

Hope Biologix is available to all patients, provide the highest volume of stem cells necessary to be effective, and at the most affordable fee anywhere.

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