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In 1924 Drs. Mixtur and Barr performed the first “Laminectomy” to decompress lumbar spinal nerves. Since then Laminectomy and fusion procedures remain the surgical treatments of choice for patients with confirmed disc bulge or herniation. 

The cost for these procedures varies with Laminectomy surgery the least cost-effective ($125,985). Although death from spine surgery remains low, the complications, failed back syndromes and expense makes the procedure questionable at best. 

Body Balance Chiropractic and Wellness has incorporated an alternative procedure called the DeKompressor (Percutaneous Decompression). Instead of cutting through muscle, tendons and ligaments, a cannula is inserted into the disc through the scotty dog ,using the same approach as used in a myelogram. 

The DeKompressor is then switched on and a small amount of nucleus is extracted using an auger like device. 

Simply imagine a microscopic post hole digger or auger. The cannula is removed, a band aid placed over the injection site and the patient rolled into the recovery area. 

The procedure can be enhanced with the patient option of injecting stem cells into the disc to help the total health of the damaged disc. 

Referring doctors are invited to visit our facility and discuss how the Body Balance Medical team can help patients recover quicker, safer and without the expense or risks associated with Laminectomy of Fusion surgery.   

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